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Home insurance should not be left to chance

When it comes to protecting your financial interests the stakes don’t get much higher than with home insurance. That is why you should deal with a reputable agent who you will get you the right homeowners insurance – the kind of insurance you can rely on. Jones & Maulding are accredited insurance agents in Agoura Hills CA, Camarillo CA, Malibu CA, Santa Barbara, Ventura CA and they can arrange best value cover for your home and contents.

Home insurance covers your single biggest asset. Whether you suffer loss as a result of a fire, a storm, a flood, a robbery or some other catastrophe, you need to be able to recover your losses. When it comes to property damage, your losses can be substantial. If you don’t have home the right home insurance, your losses will be devastating. You only have watch the news now and then you will learn about people who have lost everything due to some disaster – a disaster they were not covered for.

Your property is simply too big an investment to leave things like home insurance to chance. You need to know your homeowner’s insurance cover your real risks. Apart from the run of the mill risks such as fire and theft, you need to know you are covered for other risks such as flood and storm damage. Some risks are not covered by a standard home owner’s policy and you may need a separate policy for say flood insurance or some other real risk.

When it comes to home insurance you need to know what you are covered for and what you are not covered for. If you are not covered for something you best discuss with your agent whether you need that cover and how to get it. You also need to know how much you are covered for. There could be a huge difference between the original cost and the replacement cost of your home and contents.

September 27, 2016
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