Carpinteria, Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, CA Car insurance

Now getting car insurance is easy

To select the most ideal car insurance is likely to be tough and it is here where we at Jones and Maulding can help. We offer the best auto insurance covers for you and are there to help you anywhere, anytime you require us. Ever since we made a foray in this industry, we have catered the vehicle insurance needs of innumerable people residing in different parts of Agoura Hills, CA, Camarillo CA, Malibu CA, Moorpark, Oxnard CA and Santa Barbara. When you visit or call our office you can directly speak to a certified and licensed insurance expert every time. Above all with us you will never ever feel rushed as our staffs will take ample time in explaining to you your coverage and also answer any query which you may have.

Benefits of investing in our insurance plans

  • We are a leading insurance company that is family run and we understand how much you are attached with your prized asset. The best part is we treat our clients as our family and give our best to help them.
  • Customer satisfaction is a vital measure when it comes to our success. Maximum people choose us for their vehicle insurance needs. With us you can enjoy the perks of a purchasing experience that is simple and hassle free. Our testimonials speak volumes about our services
  • With us you can complete the purchasing process through the phone, in person, traditional mail, email or fax

We at Jones and Maulding accept driving histories and drivers of a broad range. Luckily for you, the insurance agents can assist you in selecting the foremost cover for your car to enable you to freely go out and make the most of the drive while your paperwork is handled by someone else. Happy driving!!!


July 1, 2016
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  • Brian, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and keeping an eye on my policy. This is why I “love” working with Jones and Maulding – Belinda

  • Shannon, you have given me excellent service for many years.

  • Carol, Thanks for all your help and care.

  • Brian, you must really know your job, because you are really good. And you’re so helpful too.

  • Having Ellen as our agent is like having an employee in our office taking care of our insurance for us

  • Ellen it’s fun working with you because you are so on top of everything – Steven

  • Shannon has always taken my calls graciously or greeted me with a warm smile each time I’ve discussed concerns or issues in person, going an extra mile to answer them to my satisfaction – Dianne

  • Carol, thanks for all your help. I was able to use online docusign at mercury website so here is my docusign doc that theoretically mercury already has – Carol

  • Brian, we are really excited to be working with you and we wanted to take the time to say thank you for being so patient and explaining every detail/option to us – Brittney & Ryan

  • Ellen, we are so fortunate that we get to do business with such an amazing, smart and wonderful gal, who we love too! – Jodi

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